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Friends of Young Life
We believe that every high school and middle school student in our community has the right to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ; and that the Good News comes better from a friend than a stranger - namely through a friendship with one of our 200 college-age volunteer leaders. 

Therefore, this year, we are creating a new opportunity for service in Athens. It's a group of people who love the ministry of Young Life called "Friends of Young Life."

The Friends would be asked to commit to meeting three times per year. During these meetings, the Young Life Staff and Committee will share what the ministry is doing in Greater Athens. In addition, the Friends would be asked to lend a helping hand to assist our volunteer committee and staff in the implementation of events and in caring for our leadership body. 

The simple idea is this: Young Life Greater Athens is growing and the lives of students in our community are being changed. We need more adults in our area who want to be involved in this great Kingdom work.

We ask that you prayerfully consider this request to join Friends of Young Life. Would you be willing to join us? Be a part of this great opportunity to support Young Life's mission to reach more young people with the Good News of Jesus. 

If you have any questions, please call the Young Life office at 706-613-8313.

Praying for Young Life
​Please join us in praying for every high school and middle school student in our community and that they would hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. In addition, please pray for our volunteer leaders, committee, and staff.

If you would like to join us in prayer, we have a monthly time of prayer at the Tin Roof. For more information, email


Young Life Greater Athens | 920 Baxter St Athens, GA 30606

Phone: (706) 613-8313

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